Monday, March 10, 2008

Florida Trip

Faith and I (Janel) went to Naples, FL to visit family. We had so much fun visiting. Faith really enjoyed playing with her cousins Ethan (3 1/2 yrs) and Ella (2 yrs). Here they are reading books with Papa.

Aunt "tuh" (Tia), Ethan, Ella and Faith and I went to the Naples Zoo. Faith started out in her stroller and Ethan and Ella got a cool wagon that they rode in. Soon, they all started pushing the wagon, once they realized they really wanted to put a little muscle into it.

Swimming was a blast too. All the kids had fun!

Oh, and Faith loved the beach...I mean LOVED the beach! All she wanted to do was make a quick getaway towards the water. And once she got to the water, she wanted to go deeper and deeper. Never mind the waves being bigger than she was and knocking her down. She would just get back up and try to go in the water further.