Saturday, November 3, 2007

Faith and the Smurf Turf

Knowing Faith's reputation for never having met a crowd that she didn't like (or having met a crowd that didn't like her, for that matter), I decided to take her to a Boise State football game while Janel worked on a paper for the Journal of Nutrition.

Right after we put her down for her afternoon nap, I pedaled my bike a mile to the Boise State stadium in search of one cheap ticket. And I learned two interesting things:
1. It's so much easier to scalp for tickets on a bike. You can cover vast amounts of ground fast.
2. Boise State fans don't understand the art of ticket scalping.

I rode around on my bike with my finger in the air asking if anyone had an extra ticket. After about two minutes, I realized nobody else was using my method of scalping. One woman even yelled, "Yeah, Boise State's No. 1!", thinking that's how I support my team--riding around on a bike in silence with my index finger in the air.

After circling the stadium once, one guy just gave me his ticket. These were actually pretty good seats, too. I immediately pedaled home and waited for Faith to awaken from her nap.

We got to the game near the start of the second half where Boise State was putting a 21-7 beatdown on San Jose State. Faith had no idea what was going on, but quickly gathered an audience in about a two-row radius. At first I thought maybe the other fans believed Faith was the new Boise State mascot as she began to get passed through the stands. Sure, I was nervous--but Faith loved it. That is, until this lady started pinching her cheeks. Priceless.

I sat next to some great people, many of whom were grandparents and were ready to take Faith home to join their collection of grandkids. One grandma gave Faith some beads, which she was enjoying after the game.

Faith was also taken by the band as she started bopping every time Boise State scored, which was a lot in its 42-7 romp over San Jose State. Near the end of the game, I took her down to hang out near the band so she could boogey without the distraction of all the interested grandparents. She loved it. Here is a picture from behind the band.

We had a great time. I just hope I can take Faith to a Georgia game one day soon so she doesn't grow up her entire life thinking college football is played on blue turf.