Saturday, August 9, 2008

Faith & the Horse Track

Now that we live in Idaho, Faith thinks that seeing horses should be an everyday occurrence. And, well, those aren't really unrealistic expectations either. Despite living just inside the Boise city limits, we can drive one mile in every direction and find farming landscape, some of which is dotted by cows and horses.

However, there's one place Faith knows she can find horsies ... the horse track. Faith's enthusiasm reaches a boiling point where that's all she talks about. Sadly, there are only two more weekends of horse racing here in Boise, so we had to get in at least one more trip to the track.

Faith gets very excited about going to the horse track that she tries to get into the car all by herself.

You can get so close to the action at Les Bois Race Track. Faith likes to sit on the railing and watch the horses thunder by.

And down the stretch they come ...

And we have a winner!

Little Faith had a ton of fun, especially when she made her fish face!