Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cuddle bugs

Faith is such a sweet sister. She is able to hold Julia and get her to stop crying. She loves to kiss her on the cheek and feet and hands. It is so fun to see them interact.

4th of July weekend

We had a fun-filled weekend this 4th. The girls were all dressed in their red, white and blue, to celebrate.

Jason spent all day putting together a play house for Faith. My parents got this for Faith...and she LOVES it. No one seemed to think Jason could put it together though. My mom, dad and sister all commented on how Jason may not be able to put it together. It was a complicated structure with tons of parts and Jason isn't super handy. But, Jason set out to prove them all wrong. I am pretty impressed. He didn't have any problems at all and Faith had so much fun "helping" him.

Here, I caught Faith, "measuring" her car.

Here is the finished play house--and Faith showing her appreciation for Jason putting it up for her. She is such a little love bug:) Afterward, our neighbors Ella and Claire came over and played in the playhouse with Faith. She was so proud to have something to share with some of her friends.

Later, Faith and I went over to our neighbors for a firework extravaganza. We had so much fun. Faith loved the fireworks, but was still a little scared and had to cuddle with me when they went off.
On Saturday we went to a splash park. There were huge xylophones at the park too. Faith had fun making music. Here are some pics from that.

Meanwhile, Julia slept away in her stroller.

Faith's shoes

Ok, so Faith put on her shoes by herself the other day. I was pretty impressed. However, they were put on the wrong feet. It made me wonder...don't most kids seem to put them on the wrong feet? I wonder why...these are the things I ponder as an overtired Mommy with a newborn who likes to wake up several times at night:)