Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Faith's Saturday

Here is a video of what we did on Saturday. We are enjoying living here in Boise so much. There are so many outdoor type things to do and it is such a family friendly city. This was Faith's first dog show (and mine too). Half of the excitement was getting there. I definitely got a workout pushing her in the stroller while rollerblading. Faith had fun wizzing by in her stroller. And it was so cute that she clapped after every dog came down the runway...but she clapped about 5 seconds AFTER everyone else was done clapping:) Enjoy!


Christina said...

My favorite part of the whole video was of you dancing faith. I always tell my friends how cute you are dancing -- you got rythem.

Meagan said...

Jason - Your blog is great, and its wonderful to get to actually SEE your new home in Boise! Faith is adorable as always. Loved the video.
Looks like you're doing really well! Just look out for those tire-popping brambles and you'll be OK!
We miss you in Atlanta!
Take care and stay in touch,
Meagan Swingle