Sunday, September 9, 2007

Faith's 1st Birthday!

Faith's birthday was actually over a week ago, and I am just now getting to post pictures. Here is a picture of her a year ago. Wow has so much changed in a year! See how much she has grown!

We celebrated Faith's birthday when my parents came into town, so the actual DAY of her birthday, was pretty low-key. In the morning we took her to the Boise Zoo. She loved looking at the animals. Here she is with the leopard and sitting on a baby tiger:)

Ok, so it is not a REAL baby tiger, but she obviously thought it was fun anyway. The main reason we went to the zoo was because they had a special butterfly exhibit. Faith LOVES butterflies, even as a tiny baby she had a butterfly mobile above her crib which would entertain her for long stretches of time. This butterfly exhibit was awesome! Jason had two butterflies riding on him the entire time he was in there. Faith even had a few land on her. Even though she looks serious in these pictures, she really liked the exhibit.

Last, but not least, she opened some boxes that she had been sent in the mail. And, of course we gave her some books (she really likes books). Here is a shot I have been trying to capture for some time now. Whenever I ask if she wants to eat or more to eat, she makes this cute, adorable face.

After capturing the picture of her doing her sign for more to eat, she then decided to change it to sticking her tongue in and out, much like a lizard. What a silly one year old!


Christina said...

OH Faith -- we love you so much. WIsh we could have been there for your big day. Welcome to the toddler years.

Christina said...

Ok - we need a new post now.