Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Faith's and My Tomato and Basil Gardening Project

Faith and I are trying our hand at gardening this year. It is the first year we have lived somewhere that gets tons of sun in the back yard, so we are planting tomatoes and basil! Here is what we have been doing the past month with our green thumbs. Let's see if they end up living!

Here is Faith after we planted our seeds. She brought dirt to cover the seeds, and she sprinkled seeds in each well. Finally, she got out the water bucket to water our newly planted tomato and basil seeds.

A few weeks later, as we were scoping out the yard for our future tomato and basil plants, Faith discovered an earthworm. It was so sweet that she just picked it up and handed it to me. I had to teach her that we handled earthworms very gently and that we gave them love pats very gently. The word "gently" didn't sink in until it was too late, I am sad to report. Here she is giving the worm a love pat.

In this picture Faith is just tuckered out after all of the watering she has been doing for our other plants in our yard.

Here Faith is collecting leaves that have just blown into our yard. I think she felt it necessary to keep a tidy lawn. She is very proud of her work, as you can tell.

So, at about 4-5 weeks later, our tomato plants and basil have all sprouted! They are majorly overcrowded. Here is Faith and dolly with the overcrowded plants.

Faith and I had to separate the plants out and replant each individual tomato plant into styrofoam cups, so they could do a better job at growing. I hope it worked and that we didn't kill them by transplanting them. Look forward to more postings on our Tomato and Basil Gardening project.

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Christina said...

Oh send me soem of those tomoatos and basil when they are ready.