Thursday, November 6, 2008

The pumpkin thumb sucker!

When tragedy strikes, what do you do? Well, for this little pumpkin, her thumb came to the rescue. She was sitting up in the leaves and all of a sudden, she tumbled over into the leaves. No crying, no screaming...everything was ok, because she had her thumb!


Christina said...

Wow - that is a first -- I have never seen a pumpkin sucking a thumb. I think next year we might try to carve our pumpkin that way. BUt yours looks so real - I think you will have us beat no mater what. Very cute pumpkin - what pumpkin patch do I have to go to to get one like that?

Danielle said...

Your girls are precious, Janel. I've enjoyed reading your blog. How blessed you are! That lil' pumpkin of yours is adorable!