Thursday, January 24, 2008

Faith's fun pictures!

Faith is doing so many fun things this month. Here is a recap of the last few weeks. Not only does she feed her Baby in her highchair, Faith can feed herself with a spoon also!

The next picture is of Faith trying out a new hairstyle--pigtails before we go to sunny FL in Feb.

Here she is, doing one of her most favorite things this month....begging and crying and pulling on Momma's leg so Momma will pick her "up".

She is helping Mommy research the Beatles for a story Mommy is writing. She seems very interested in their lives:)

Mommy and Faith cuddling--one of our favorite things to do!!!

Miss daredevil!

Lastly, we made some home made playdo! It was fun and very easy to do and turned out great. Here Faith and Baby are playing with it and all of the utensils!

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Christina said...

Wow Faith really looks like you Janel in that second picture. Cute pig tails.