Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Ride Home

Many of you have asked about my bike ride home each day from the office and what it's like. So, I have heard the masses and want to satiate your desires to see what I see on a daily basis (well, almost every day--sometimes, it's just too cold). I've also included a picture of Bronco Stadium's blue turf that isn't so blue from my lens--more like a blanket of white.

I hope you enjoy this visual montage through my stunning photography! (OK, just kidding about the stunning photography--it's just a few snapshots.)

Last but not least, the cross at the top of the hill near where we live--it's what guides me home each day. I love it.


Christina said...

Nice photos. I cant wait to come breath in the fresh air of ID some day. I think I saw my old college couch in one photo. Faif is getting alot of teeth too.

Christina said...

The above comment was actually from Blake. I forgot to mention that.